Torque Analysers

Torque analysers – or torque testers – are quality control devices used to test and calibrate your torque-controlled tools. Such torque-controlled tools can include torque wrenches, electric and torque screwdrivers and pulse tools. 

How torque analysers work

Torque analysers measure the output signal from the transducer – the electronic device that converts energy from one form to another. They then calculate that reading into a torque value that gives an indication of the rotational force involved. 

A key feature of torque analysers is their digital display, which allows you to view the reading easily and quickly on a screen. Torque analysers may also include the ability to measure in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. 

The importance of torque calibration

Torque-controlled tools like wrenches are commonly used in car garages and by engine builders. Correct calibration of such tools goes a long way in ensuring that the tool gives accurate measurements and safe results. It's recommended that you calibrate your torque-controlled tools with a torque analyser at least once per year.

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