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    Current Clamps

    Current clamps, also known as current probes and clamp meters, measure AC and DC current within a set current measurement range, converting it to a voltage that can be measured and viewed. Current clamps are designed to be used with DMM (digital multimeters), data loggers, Oscilloscopes and recorders. In the United States, current clamps are known as Amp Clamps.

    RS work with major electrical test and measurement equipment manufacturers like Fluke, Chauvin Arnoux, and Tektronix including the RS PRO brand all recognised for their expertise in delivering performance within the current clamps, current probes and meters industry. Our range offers current clamps / current probes with full calibration including RSCAL and UKAS certification.

    How does a Current Clamp work?

    A current clamp works like a probe except that it clamps around an electrical conductor. It does this using the clamp jaws, which open and close and clamp-on and around the conductor, allowing you to measure AC and or DC current without breaking an electrical circuit with no physical contact (non-contact) to the current. Current clamps can also be used along with Clamp meters and digital multimeters that have no built-in current clamp or current probe. Current clamps can be battery-powered or attached to other power supplies.

    What is a Current Probe?

    A current probe works in the same way as a current clamp except that is has no jaws. The current probe senses the AC and DC current which is passing through a conductor converting the current to a voltage that provides a measurement. Current probes are often used along with oscilloscopes and other current testers.

    Ac and DC Measurement Accessories available.

    Our range of accessories for Test and Measurement, AC and DC current measurement, is extensive covering everything from banana plugs, accessory kits, tester lead's, connection lead's, meters and adapters to BNC connectors. All our measurement accessories are suitable for connection to digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, oscilloscope current probes, clamp-on amp probes, data loggers and more.

    Calibrated Service Types Available.

    • LATCAL.
    • ISOCAL.
    • RSCAL.
    • UKAS.
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