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    A funnel is an implement that features a wide tapered opening at the top, with a narrower tube or short stem at the bottom. Funnels are commonly used in applications that require liquid or powder to be guided into narrow openings with precision.

    Why use a funnel

    Funnels provide an easy solution to pouring liquids, powders or granular substances into containers such as flasks, bottles or similar objects with narrow openings. Due to the tapered design, substances can be transported easily whilst preventing spillages. Funnels are highly versatile and easy to use implements and can be used across multiple applications.

    Types of funnels

    Funnels can be manufactured from a variety of materials including plastic, polypropylene, metal, aluminium and sometimes glass. Depending on the type of application the funnel will be used in, specific type of funnel may be required.

    Plastic funnels and powder funnels are ideal for domestic applications such as food prep or even automotive to refill liquids. Laboratory funnels are commonly made from glass due to their high temperature and chemical resistance.

    Where are funnels used?

    Funnels can be used to carry out a variety of tasks, either at home or on the job. For applications that require careful dispensing of liquids or fine grain substances, a funnel is essential. They are commonly used in areas such as automotive, catering, laboratories, education, construction and much more.

    Here at RS you will find funnels in a variety of materials and styles to suit your needs.

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