Wall Scanners

Wall scanners are handheld tools used to detect wood and metal objects within a wall, behind the plasterboard. Wall scanners can be used to locate studs, pipes and AC live wires prior to any drilling work. Drilling into pipes and wires which are live can be very dangerous and using a wall scanner can help to alleviate this risk. It is the perfect tool for any professional electrician, homeowner or DIYer.

Wall scanners, sometimes called stud finders or stud detectors can locate the presence of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, embedded within walls or behind boards. Cordless wall scanners are battery-operated and can be recharged. Wall scanners are an invaluable piece of test equipment to any toolbox, for people on the go. RS Components offer a range of high-quality wall scanners from leading brands including Bosch, Zircon and of course RS PRO.

How do Wall Scanners work?

When held against the wall, the scanner will be able to detect any objects behind it. This result is given in a visual feedback, such as a display or colour change. Depending on the type of wall scanner you have, detection can be achieved either magnetically or electronically. Once the power is switched on and the scanning mode has been selected you can start. Keeping the device flat on the wall and move over the area to be scanned. When the wall scanner detects an object, the unit will beep continuously.

  • Magnetic Detectors use powerful magnets to find the location of screws, studs or nails within walling material like plasterboard.

  • Electronic Detectors use sensors to detect any changes in the dielectric constant of the wall. The dielectric constant will change when the scanners sensor passes over the stud.


The easy to use multi-function tools are used in a range of building projects including new builds and maintenance and repair. Stud finders and wall scanners save you valuable time and money by helping you avoid striking metal pipes, wiring or cables while drilling.

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120mm - - Yes LED - 9V 200 x 85 x 32mm 270g 32mm 200mm - - GMS 120
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120mm 38mm 60mm Yes LED 5 h AA - 500g 206mm 92mm +40°C -10°C D-tect 120
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150mm 150mm 150mm Yes - - AA x 4 - 700g - - - - D-tect 150
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300mm 115 → 300mm 115mm - - - LR03 AAA 44 x 57 x 241mm 235 (Ohne Batterie)g 241mm 44mm +41°C -7°C Z67597
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- - - - - 5 h LR6 AA - 500g - - +40°C -10°C D-Tect 120
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- 12.7 → 38.1mm - Yes LED - 9V 60 x 28 x 145mm 150g 145mm 60mm +40°C 0°C -