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    Control Station Enclosures

    Control station enclosures are designed to ensure devices are securely located and protected in harsh environments, ideally suited for use in an industrial or potential-ly hazardous environment. Enclosures are available in a range of materials, colours and styles, including plastic, aluminium and stainless steel to suit a wide range of applications.

    Enclosures can vary depending on the style and size of different push buttons and control stations. They come available with or without cutouts in the lid, with a variety of cut-out hole styles and dimensions, to accommodate different devices determined by the various applications.

    Where can I use a control station enclosure?

    Enclosures offer protection for push buttons and control stations from chemical corrosion, grease, oil and other damaging substances, and can be used for a multitude of applications including:

    • Electrical engineering
    • Automation
    • Car washes
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Warehouses and factories

    Features and Benefits

    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Suitable for a choice of functions such as an emergency stop or start/stop button
    • Improve durability of push button and control stations
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