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Bandages are an essential item for any home or workplace first aid kit, use primarly as an immediate dressing on a wound or injury. We stock a wide range of quality first aid bandages and dressings from leading brands such as 3M, Anscare, Cederroth, SAM Medical, Smith & Nephew, Snogg and W Sohngen. We also offer a comprehensive choice of bandages and related first aid and emergency products under our own brand RS PRO.

Typical uses for first aid bandages include:

  • Covering dressings
  • Controlling bleeding
  • Holding dressings in place
  • Restricting the movement of limbs
  • Supporting injured joints and limbs
  • Providing ongoing pressure

What types of bandages and dressings should a first aid kit include?

There are numerous different kinds of bandages and dressings available, with the best choice in any given circumstance usually depending on the nature of the injury and its location on the body.

Bandages may be pre-cut into specific shapes, making them easier to fit and use on particular areas such as limbs. Others are designed to be more multipurpose and can be cut to length as required from a spool or roll. Different materials are also offered, with more heavily padded versions providing greater protection from knocks or added pressure to help stem bleeding.

  • Roller bandages - normally made from lightweight, breathable cotton gauze, crepe or elasticised crepe, and sold as a tightly wrapped cylinder
    • Crepe and elasticised crepe bandages are ideal for applying firm pressure or supporting an injury, while more lightweight cotton alternatives can easily hold a dressing in place
  • Triangular bandages - usually made from a thick cotton or calico material, and shaped from a square metre of soft padded material cut diagonally in half
    • Triangular bandages are used for making slings, and for temporarily immobilising soft tissue injuries or broken bones; they may be referred to as cravat bandages and sometimes come with safety pins included
  • Tubular bandages - manufactured from stretchy cotton material in a close weave pattern, and generally available in blue or white
    • Tubular bandages are used as limb support and compression aids to reduce swelling and help to dissipate fluids; a cage applicator device can often help achieve the best fitting


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