IR Modules

IR modules are infrared devices, such as dataloggers, that are used to track and measure data sets. These modules can measure temperature, moisture levels, gas ratings and industrial process parameters, for instance loop monitoring steam, heat, air and water expenditures.

The data recording is not interrupted during the recovery process and provides a continuous cycle of information. IR modules can store information logs for extended time periods. The infrared receiver of the IR module is used for remote control detection.

What are IR modules used for?

IR modules can be applied to any type of industry where continuous measurement of specific metrics is required. Typical uses of IR modules are found in weather stations, hydrographic stations, nuclear plants, road-traffic counting devices, environmental equipment, plant machinery and geological instruments.

Types of IR modules

Many different types of IR modules exist, but the most common versions include:

  • Wireless modules, with built-in batteries for remote application measurements
  • Thermocouple modules, which are standalone devices located some distance away from the object to be measured, providing instant data readings
  • Waterproof modules used in oceanographic instruments or factories with high moisture levels

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