RF Receivers

RF receivers are IC (integrated circuit) components which provide detection of RF (radio frequency) signals. RF receivers are designed to receive radio signals from other devices. These ICs embedded in PCB modules to provide wireless communications.
RF receivers receive data in frequency given in MHz, for example, 440MHz. Unlike IR communication, this cannot be interrupted. RF receivers also operate on particular voltage ranges, for example, 4.5 to 5.5 V. It is important

What is modulation?
Modulation is a process which prevents loss of the information transmitted by the frequency. When a signal is modulated, it combines the RF signal with higher-frequency wavelength.

What is the ISM band?
ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) bands are radio bands reserved for ISM purposes. There are processes used in ISM which can interfere with RF communications. There are different types of modulation available in RF receivers, such as:
ASK - Amplitude-Shift Keying
FSK - Frequency-Shift Keying
GFSK - Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying
OOK - On-Off Keying
PSK - Phase-Shift Keying
QAM - Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

Applications for RF Receivers:
Remote controls
Car alarm systems
Security and CCTV
Keyless entry systems
RF Receiver ICs come in various packages such as:

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Description Prix Modulation Technique Mounting Type Package Type Pin Count Dimensions Length Width Height Maximum Operating Band 1 Frequency Maximum Operating Band 2 Frequency Maximum Operating Band 3 Frequency Maximum Operating Supply Voltage Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Band 1 Frequency
N° de stock RS 816-0488
Référence fabricantCLRC63201T/0FE,112
8,87 €
ASK Surface Mount SOIC 32 - 20.7mm 7.6mm 2.45mm - - - 3.6 V, 5.5 V +150 °C -
N° de stock RS 124-2310
Référence fabricantCLRC63201T/0FE,112
8,71 €
Each (In a Tube of 24)
ASK Surface Mount SOIC 32 - 20.7mm 7.6mm 2.45mm - - - 3.6 V, 5.5 V +150 °C -