Flash Memory

What is flash memory?
Flash memory is available in several forms such as a USB flash drive, Microchip, MicroSDHC, a standard chip or SSD card and is used for fast information storage. Flash memory is a type of memory storage that retains data regardless of a power source. This type of memory is also a great solution for transferring data between computers and digital devices.

How does flash memory work?
Flash memory is also known as an EEPROM chip, this acronym stands for Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. Flash works by retaining small parts of electricity between its transistors, allowing information to be stored with or without power.

What is flash memory used for?
It’s essentially a form of portable memory, it's also considered to be in a solid state because it has no moving parts, everything about flash is electronic and not mechanical. This is what makes it perfect choice for applications such as digital cameras and video game consoles. Flash is non-volatile, meaning it can retrieve stored information even after power has stopped working through it, mobile devices and controllers tend to be flash based for this very reason, alongside usually having a great storage capacity, high speed and high performance.

How much space is in flash memory?
RS Components offers a large variety of flash memory cheap, ranging from Bit, Kbit, MB and GB. Please refer to our selection on the home page for all flash to find the correct storage amount you need.
What is the difference between NOR flash and NAND flash?

• NOR flash provides a faster speed as possessing random access capabilities, a good choice for mobile devices as it’s suitable to store large quantities of code.
• The erase and write function is slower than NAND
• Hosts a larger memory cell size than NAND
• Limiting scaling capabilities make bit density achievable

• Provides fast rewritable and erase capabilities but is a little slower than NOR within the read speed.
• NAND flash is a popular choice for those needing flash drive for digital video, data storage and music. This is because of NAND's high speed and high capacity alongside being a flash memory that is cheap as the cost per bit is generally lower.
• Quickly re-write data, over and over again
• Stores a large quantity of data and commonly used for flash drives, smart phones, digital devices, USB and cameras.

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N° de stock RS 168-4150
Référence fabricantTC58NVG1S3ETAI0
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Each (In a Tray of 96)
2 GByte Parallel TSOP 48 256M x 8 Surface Mount NAND -0.6 V 4.6 V Symmetrical 18.4mm 1mm 12.4mm 18.4 x 12.4 x 1mm
N° de stock RS 752-2298
Référence fabricantTC58NVG1S3ETAI0
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2 GByte Parallel TSOP 48 256M x 8 Surface Mount NAND -0.6 V 4.6 V Symmetrical 18.4mm 1mm 12.4mm 18.4 x 12.4 x 1mm