Audio Amplifier ICs

Audio Amplifier ICs (integrated circuits) is a type of audio amplifier that is built into the chassis of the main product. More generally, audio amplifiers are devices that increase, control and amplify the audio signal strength, or amplitude, of audio signals, to make the sound louder and premium quality.

IC Audio amplifiers are useful because they can vastly decrease the size of amplification devices, making it possible to create sophisticated amplification within a small package. Unlike power amplifiers, they are not standalone devices.

What are the IC audio amplifiers used for?
Audio amplifier ICs are used in a range of commercial products. They are found in car stereos, televisions, electronic keyboards, and many other devices in which amplification capacity is in-built.

Types of audio amp ICs
Audio amplifier ICs can be differentiated by several traits:

• amplifier type, such as digital, operational, or headphone amps
• maximum power, in watts, depending on the size and scope of amplification you need
• input and output signal type, depending on whether you want stereo or mono sound

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Description Prix Amplifier Type Output Type Application Maximum Power Amplifier Class Mounting Type Typical Single Supply Voltage Power Supply Type Number of Channels per Chip Package Type Pin Count Input Signal Type Output Signal Type Typical Gain Bandwidth Product
N° de stock RS 165-4543
Référence fabricantMAX9709ETN+D
9,101 €
Each (In a Tube of 37)
Class-D 1 Channel Mono / 2 Channel Stereo Audio Equipment, Automotive, LCD TV 25 W @ 8 Ω, 50 W @ 4 Ω - Surface Mount 10 → 22 V Single 2 TQFN 56 Differential, Single Ended Differential -
N° de stock RS 660-6285
Référence fabricantTPA6120A2DWP
3,41 €
Class-AB 2 Channel Stereo Headphone - - Surface Mount 12 V, 15 V, 18 V, 24 V, 28 V Dual, Single - SOIC 20 Differential Single Ended -
N° de stock RS 100-5933
Référence fabricantLM1876TF/NOPB
4,487 €
Each (In a Tube of 20)
Class-AB 2 Channel Stereo Speaker 20 W @ 8 Ω - Through Hole 24 V, 28 V Dual, Single - TO-220 15 Single Ended Single Ended 7.5MHz