Property Markers, UV Scanners & Counterfeit Detectors

Property markers are safety devices used to make items traceable. By marking your property, you increase the chances of having it returned to you in the event of it being stolen or lost. 

How does property marking work?

Property marking should ideally work alongside a property register. You can use a UV pen, for example, to mark electrical items such as a laptop or tablet. Just write your details on an area of the item you don’t normally handle. Once you have marked your item, if possible, register it with a property register recognised by law enforcement. When law enforcement officers recover or seize stolen items, they can then use UV light to check for markings and proof of ownership before returning the item to its rightful owner. 

What are property markers used for?

Most property markers are designed not to bleed, rub off, chip or fade and will work on different surfaces including wood, plastic, metal and glass.

Property markers also help law enforcement in arresting those responsible for theft. 

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