Arm Protectors

Protective sleeves are strength protecting against cuts, slashes and abrasion, and are heat resistant making it very sensible in industries where burn protection is needed. These offers and excessive cut resistance to weight ratio, and supply outstanding performance and are seamless, smooth and extraordinarily comfortable, allowing extended use without inflicting irritation. Available in more than a few lengths, they offer an optimum balance of dexterity and protection. There is also the choice of a thumb slot, to provide more protection to the wrist area. They can be machine washed or dry cleaned.

Typically Used For:
•Steel Handling

•Cable & Couplings

•Can and bottle Handling

•Press Works

•Glass Manufacturing


•Waste/Recycle Sorting

•Hospital Waste Handling

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Description Prix Material Material Properties Length Colour Reusable/Disposable Cuff Type Thumb Slot Primary Application Size EN388 Abrasion EN388 Blade EN388 Tear EN388 Puncture Range
N° de stock RS 666-7918
Référence fabricantCHS 15
MarqueAlpha Solway
26,52 €
1 Pair
EPVC Food Safe 15in Blue Reusable Elasticated No Chemical Resistant One size - - - - Chemsol HG
N° de stock RS 714-478
Référence fabricantCMS15
MarqueAlpha Solway
15,60 €
1 Pair
PVC - 15in Green Reusable Elasticated No Chemical Resistant One size - - - - Chemmaster