Relay Labels

Relay labels are used to mark relays in order to distinguish them from one another. Since relays are among the most common electrical components and often used in close proximity, relay labels provide an easy way to identify these components.

What are relay labels used for?

Relay labels are distinguishing markers, such as plastic strips, that attach to relays. They are often made in eye-catching colours, like orange or green, to make it easy to tell the relays apart. Relay labels can greatly increase the ease and safety of equipment use. They can save time by making relays instantly identifiable and they also reduce the risk of misidentifying a relay. These accessories can be conveniently attached and detached to suit different labelling systems.

Types of relay labels

Relay labels are commonly made from plastic. They are typically designed for use with specific relays or series of relays. While their sizes and designs may differ from model to model, they're all designed to clip securely in place on top of their designated relays.

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