Site Radios

Job Site Radios are ultra-durable devices designed to provide music to work sites, garages, warehouses etc. They are usually cordless, fully portable and powered by the same Li-Ion batteries that power tools used on site making these radios ultra-versatile. Most of the modern site radios can receive DAB stations and have aux input, USB and/or Bluetooth for connecting phones and other devices.

Why would you use a Cordless Jobsite Radio?

Some studies suggest music in the workplace increases happiness and efficiency. A Site Radio offers a variety of music formats, completely portable, robust and is ideal for rough onsite locations and work environments. Packed with cool features like DAB radio, Bluetooth, AUX, USB ports keep a team entertained all day.

Where DAB Site Radios are typically used?

Worksite radios are typically found on construction sites, workshops, garages and distribution centres. Some models offer weatherproof IP rating which means they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Who makes the best site radios?

Most of the power tools manufacturers offer Jobsite radio units e.g. DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch etc. Bear in mind each manufacturer use brand-specific battery systems. It means e.g. your Cordless Drill Driver's battery can be used to power up the radio as long as it comes from the same manufacturer.

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Description Prix Radio Frequencies Corded/Cordless Plug Type Battery Voltage Weight Battery Type
N° de stock RS 123-9998
Référence fabricantDMR200
133,98 €
- Cordless Type G - British 3-pin 10.8 → 18V 2.8kg Li-ion
N° de stock RS 205-2510
Référence fabricantDCR029-GB
198,60 €
FM - - 12, 18, 54 V 3.6kg Li-ion
N° de stock RS 200-5582
Référence fabricantDMR115
266,00 €
FM - Type G - British 3-pin 18V 4.8kg Li-ion