PoE Splitters

PoE splitters (Power over Ethernet) divide power and data and convert the PoE source into a regulated DC power source.
Most devices are already PoE equipped as standard as they contain circuitry that splits off the power from the Ethernet cable. If you have a device that is not PoE equipped you can use a PoE splitter. The splitter splits off the power and the data which can then be connected to your device.
Most PoE splitters will work with network devices that have a supply voltage between 5V and 12V DC when used with a PoE injector.

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N° de stock RS 666-8223
Référence fabricantPOE21-120-R
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27.9mm 80% 45 → 57V dc 100mm +40°C 0°C 100000h 1 1.75A 12V dc Desk Top 21W PoE Splitters 142g