Generators are devices designed to provide temporary electric power by converting mechanical energy produced by petrol or diesel engine into electricity. Generators are an ideal solution for both commercial and personal use. These portable devices are ideal to use with electric-powered tools on construction sites, powering equipment on a boat or charging devices on campsites. Power outlets in the generator allow for connecting any electrical devices.

The range of portable generators give customers to choose from three main types of generators:

• Petrol generator
• Diesel generator
• Inverter generator

The only difference between diesel and petrol is a type of fuel used to produce electric energy. Inverters are a special type of generators for using with sensitive digital equipment or battery charging. Inverters technology offers a fuel efficient and stable power source.

How do generators work?

A combustion engine powered by diesel or petrol fuel integrated with alternator produce electricity by converting mechanical movement of parts into energy that is delivered through power outlets to any electric-powered equipment. Generators can be compact, lightweight devices ideal for household use or commercial, heavy-duty 3-phase generators.

Are generators safe for all electrical devices?

Yes, generators are safe for all kind of electrical tools or devices. However, for sensitive electrical devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets or battery charges, an inverter would be a better option. Inverter produces much more stable energy.

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N° de stock RS 124-3356
Référence fabricantEN2500 Shuko
510,77 €
2.8kW 2.5kW 230V 1 3.6L - 96dB(A) BS4343 42kg 8.3A 12V 460mm 640mm 480mm
N° de stock RS 124-3357
Référence fabricantEN3500 Shuko
578,35 €
3.5kW 3.5kW 230V 1 3.6L - 96dB(A) BS4343 44kg 8.3A 12V 440mm 640mm 410mm