Isolated DC-DC Converters

Isolated DC-DC converters convert a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage to another, and contain an electrical barrier between the input and output to improve safety. They are suitable for a range of applications, including telecommunication equipment, industrial equipment and consumer electronics.

What are isolated DC-DC converters used for?

Isolated DC-DC converters are used within equipment and devices containing different circuits or sub-circuits where it is necessary to convert the voltage of a DC supply from one level to another. For converting AC to DC, an AC-DC converter would be used.

Types of isolated DC-DC converters

Isolated DC-DC converters come in a wide range of input and output voltages and a variety of mountings, such as:

  • Chassis mount
  • DIN Rail mount
  • Flange mount
  • PCB mount
  • Rack mount
  • Surface mount
  • Through hole

The advantages of isolated DC-DC converters:

  • Meet international safety standards and regulations.
  • Electrical isolation provides additional safety to personnel in case of internal failure.
  • Wide range of voltage conversion with high efficiency.

Certain models are railway- and medical-approved.

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N° de stock RS 184-3975
Référence fabricant6EP3124-0TA00-0AY0
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12V dc 18 → 32 V dc - 24 V dc - 200W 15A DIN Rail Mount 1 - 91% - -25°C -
N° de stock RS 184-3976
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24V dc 32 → 54 V dc - 48 V dc - 256W 10A DIN Rail Mount 1 - 93.5% - -25°C -
N° de stock RS 751-6723
Référence fabricant6EP1621-2BA00
261,49 €
12V dc 18.5 → 30.2 V dc 12 → 14V 24 V dc - 30W 2.5A DIN Rail Mount 1 - 83% - 0°C -
N° de stock RS 184-3977
Référence fabricant6EP3134-0TA00-0AY0
161,10 €
24V dc 18 → 32 V dc - 24 V dc - 260W 10A DIN Rail Mount 1 - 93% - -25°C -