Digital Hydraulic Pressure Switches

Digital hydraulic pressure switches are pressure sensors used as responsive devices to track fluid pressure levels. They close off electrical contacts when the determined fluid pressures are attained.

They are designed to either make contact upon pressure increases, or on pressure decreases. The pressure metrics are displayed digitally on the unit's screens.

What are digital hydraulic pressure switches used for?

Digital Hydraulic Pressure Switches are used as automatic supervisory products in systems containing pressurised fluids. The manufacturing industry make use of them as feedback devices to highlight spikes and drops in fluid pressures.

Digital hydraulic pressure switches can be used in hydraulic machine tools, pumps and compressors.

They are typical in mobile industrial equipment with modern displays, where the oil pressures will be shown as numeric functions and alarms activated if the engine pressure levels drop beyond certain points.

Types of digital hydraulic pressure switches

Digital Hydraulic Pressure Switches are available in many variations. They can have up to 4 colour display screens to track output values of hydraulic pressure during predetermined intervals while providing overall average readings for the total time periods.

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