Fixed Hydraulic Cylinders

Fixed hydraulic cylinders, or rams, are mechanical actuators that allow hydraulics and systems to apply linear motion and force. They transfer the pressure from hydraulic fluid through a piston to the point of operation. Fixed cylinders operate without mechanical gears or levers, and are fixed components of machinery. Portable cylinders, by comparison, are moveable versions for many one-off applications (classified as lifting or pulling types).

What are fixed hydraulic cylinders used for?

Fixed hydraulic cylinders have evolved into a vast array of configurations, sizes and special designs. Cylinders are used in both industrial applications (including hydraulic presses, cranes, forges, compactors and packing machines) and mobile applications (agricultural machines, construction equipment, marine equipment, etc.). The mobile machinery industry relies nearly exclusively on hydraulic cylinders for linear motion.

Types of fixed hydraulic cylinders

The three most popular types of construction are tie-rod, welded rod and telescopic. All of these can be either single or double acting. Each type uses a different methodology depending on how the end caps are attached to the cylinder barrel, as well as internal nuances. Fixed hydraulic cylinders are also available in an array of scales, bore sizes and stroke lengths to suit various applications.

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Description Prix Bore Stroke Length Closed Length Extended Length Pull Force Flow Rate Out Flow Rate In Weight Manufacturer Series Maximum Operating Pressure
N° de stock RS 263-8657
Référence fabricantR987155264
402,25 €
40mm 300mm 490mm 790mm 14.02kN 7.5L/min 5.3L/min 850g 1X 160 bar
N° de stock RS 263-8629
Référence fabricantR987155262
408,05 €
40mm 150mm 340mm 490mm 14.02kN 7.5L/min 5.3L/min 850g 1X 160 bar
N° de stock RS 263-8540
Référence fabricantUK00827416
356,73 €
32mm 50mm 243mm 293mm 8.79kN 4.8L/min 3.3L/min 550g 1X 160 bar
N° de stock RS 263-8613
Référence fabricantR987155261
389,18 €
40mm 100mm 290mm 390mm 14.02kN 7.5L/min 5.3L/min 850g 1X 160 bar
N° de stock RS 263-8714
Référence fabricantR987155269
501,95 €
50mm 400mm 618mm 1018mm 21.55kN 11.8L/min 8.1L/min 1.2kg 1X 160 bar
N° de stock RS 263-8556
Référence fabricant2952993400
356,71 €
32mm 100mm 293mm 393mm 8.79kN 4.8L/min 3.3L/min 550g 1X 160 bar