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Water Softeners

Water softeners are devices designed to break down the ionic bonds in calcium and magnesium that cause hard water.

What does a water softener do?

Water softeners give a continuous supply of soft water ideal for applications with variable or inconsistent water usage. They are also meter controlled so offer optimum plant efficiency.

Water hardness removal by ion exchange is one of our most frequently requested technologies. Our water softeners prevent scale damage to hot water cylinders and pipework.

Water passes through the resin vessel which in turn traps lime scale prior to being released during the regeneration cycle. Calcium ions 'exchange' with sodium ions and hard scales are removed. Water softeners need a supply of appropriate salt to make the required brine for regeneration purposes.

What are the benefits?

Water softeners are compact high capacity devices that prevents lime scale, improves system efficiency and protects your appliances. They are chemical and maintenance free and operated with low running costs.

Typical uses of water softeners?

Water softener are typically installed with dish washers, washing machines and autoclaves.

What are the benefits of soft water?

  • Softer skin and hair
  • Preserves the life of your water appliances
  • Cleaner glass
  • Softer clothes

Application Information

Water softeners are used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants and commercial kitchens.


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