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Hose Connectors

Hose connectors are used to connect a hose, normally to a tap connector. Hose connectors are also used to connect or join 2 pieces of hose together providing extra length or to divide a pipe in two opposite directions. Hose connectors are a quick and easy solution to connect a hose to various inlets, taps, spigots, nozzles and other hoses. Hose connectors can also be called fittings, couplings and adapters. The gender of a hose connector is important and are labelled as a male or female hose connector. You can learn more in our complete guide to hose connectors.

What are Hose Connectors made from?

Hose connectors are made from a wide range of materials and there is a connector and material to suit every requirement. Hose connectors are normally made from steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic material.

How to choose the correct Hose Connector?

Hose connectors are supplied in standard sizes. Your choice of the correct size is based on the internal diameter of the hose you attach the connector to. You must also consider why you wish to use a connector.

Do you want to connect a hosepipe to a tap water flow, airflow or other fluid?

What pressure the hose connector has to operate with safely?

You can choose a connector which stops the flow of water when a pipe is removed.

A double ended connector for joining two hoses together.

Repair connector for connecting two lengths of hose.

Hose Connector Standards and definitions.

NPT – National Pipe Thread connection.

NPT male hose connectors have a taper thread that fits into a female NPT hose connector. The male stretches the female ensuring a firm seal. An NPT male connector fits a BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread) but does not seal.

BSPT – British Standard Pipe Thread.

A BSPT Hose Connector is similar to an NPT Hose connecter with differences. BSPT connectors have a connection angle of 55° instead of the NPT at 60°. A BSPT connector fits an NPT but does not seal.

BSPP – British Standard Parallel Pipe.

This is a parallel thread fitting that requires the use of a seal ring to complete a tight seal. The seal ring is placed between the shoulder of the male hose connector and the face of the female hose connector. The 2 connectors squeeze together on the hose forming a tight seal.


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