PPE Combination Kits

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits are built up of a combination of PPE equipment that can protect different parts of the body. The protective equipment can vary from headgear, earmuffs (ear defenders), face shields, goggles, gloves, coveralls and more. The kits ensure the safety of the user and others, ensuring all vulnerable areas of the body are safely protected.

RS offers a selection of quality PPE equipment and kits from trusted brands such as 3M, JSP, Dickies, Ansell and our very own quality brand RS PRO, supplying leading protection that meets the required safety standards across several industries, including, health, education, construction, utility, engineering, mining, manufacturing and more.

The importance of personal protective equipment

PPE provides the user with protection against hazardous or physical injury or harm in the workplace. Typical injuries or harm can be to the lungs, head, hands, feet, eyes, skin and body caused by contaminated air, falling or flying objects or particles, splashes of corrosive liquids or chemicals, corrosive materials or extreme temperatures, therefore it is vital that the correct PPE is used.

Types of PPE you can use

  • Eye protection from chemicals and liquid splash, dust, impact and molten metal. Options include; Safety glasses or goggles, face shields or visors.

  • Ear protection from exposure to high-level sounds or loud noise. Options include; earplugs, earmuffs or ear defenders.

  • Head protection from impact, flying objects, head bumping, hair protection. Options include; safety helmets, bump caps, safety hairnets and caps.

  • Hands & arm protection from cuts and punctures, impact, chemicals and liquids, extreme temperatures, electric shocks. Options include; safety gloves, gauntlets with sleeving.

  • Feet & legs from extreme temperatures, impact, electrostatic build-up, cuts and punctures, chemical splashes. Options include; safety boots and shoes

  • Lung protection from hazardous chemicals and dust particles. Options include; respiratory masks with filters, power-assisted respirators.

  • Body protection from chemicals/metal splash, exposure to contaminated dust or substance in air, impact or penetration. Options include; overalls or coveralls, boiler suits, aprons, chemical suits.

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N° de stock RS 702-5270
Référence fabricantKIT185102
261,68 €
1 Kit
General Cotton Under Glove x 2, Flash Light, Head Torch, Insulating Gloves x 2, Lock Badge, Padlock
N° de stock RS 104-0908
Référence fabricant1017291
50,15 €
General Faceshield, Helmet, Leigthning L1H Earmuffs, 6 Points Harness
N° de stock RS 702-5273
Référence fabricantKIT18510
255,55 €
1 Kit
General Cotton Under Glove x 2, Flash Light, Head Torch, Insulating Gloves x 2, Lock Badge, Padlock
N° de stock RS 215-2418
Référence fabricantCHAMOBL
MarqueDelta Plus
6,90 €
- -
N° de stock RS 689-9679
Référence fabricantASG129-121-100
29,46 €
General Clear HC & Anti-Mist Lens, Filter x 3, Goggles, White Holder
N° de stock RS 740-1429
Référence fabricantG500V5FH510-GU
64,72 €
General G500 Headgear, PC Face Shield, Peltor™ Earmuffs
N° de stock RS 689-9682
Référence fabricantASG02B-101-100
23,72 €
1 Box of 10
General Replacement Filter x 10
N° de stock RS 740-1374
Référence fabricantAGE120-201-100
34,22 €
General Black Holder, Filter x 3, Goggles