Extender Boards & Adapters

Extender boards are electronic circuit boards used to bring a circuit card out of an enclosure or card cage so it can be tested or debugged.

How do extender boards work?

Extender boards work by extending signals from the motherboard for testing or debugging purposes. Most of them offer access to the bus signals (bundles of wire held together) through marked probe points, while some utilise multi-layer technology to control cross talk (unwanted transfer of signals between communication channels) and signal distortions.

Extender boards and their relevant adapters come in a wide array of options that support different form factor variations, ranging from Eurocards to Accelerated Graphic Ports (AGPs).

What are


boards used for?

Extender boards are commonly used in highly integrated applications, such as:

  • Medical equipment, night-vision systems and industrial monitoring requiring enhanced graphics capabilities
  • Shipboard systems for high definition displays and target tracking
  • Mission management, integrated display processing and navigational control of avionics systems
  • Applications requiring a mix of enhanced graphics, I/O (Input/Output) options and high compute density.

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Description Prix Type Connection Number of Contacts Base Material Number of Sides Dimensions Copper Thickness FR Material Grade Length Thickness Width
N° de stock RS 508-728
Référence fabricant09-3817
141,12 €
Extender Board DIN 41612 64 Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate 2 281.6 x 100 x 1.6mm - FR4 281.6mm 1.6mm 100mm
N° de stock RS 502-168
Référence fabricant220-42779J
225,27 €
Extender Board DIN 41612 64 Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate 2 - - FR4 - 1.6mm 160 mm, 220 mm
N° de stock RS 508-346
Référence fabricant09-0106
268,66 €
Extender Board DIN 41612 64 Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate 2 300 x 233 x 40mm - FR4 300mm 40mm 233mm
N° de stock RS 546-0205
Référence fabricant188-39011D
376,57 €
Extender board - 96 Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate - - 35µm FR4 - 1.6mm 160 mm, 220 mm