Ferrite Sleeves

Ferrite sleeves, also known as ferrite beads, are non-conductive components used in electrical circuits to suppress or filter high frequency electromagnetic interference noise. They prevent electromagnetic interference to and from a device. 

How do ferrite sleeves work?

If a device produces radio frequency energy, the conductive cable is used as an antenna to transmit the energy through the device. The ferrite sleeve or bead reduces the output of EMI from the device itself and prevents the cable from acting as an antenna for other sources of EMI, like household appliances. 

Uses for ferrite sleeves

Ferrite sleeves are commonly found on data cables and medical equipment. They may be built in to the equipment or be separate items that can be clamped on to a cable. You may see larger ones on external cables, like on computer monitor cables, while smaller ones can be used internally in electrical circuits, on printed circiut boards (PCBs) for example. Ferrite sleeves are often needed for regulatory compliance. 

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Description Prix Series Type Application Material Impedance at 25 MHz Key Openable Impedance at 100 MHz Outer Dimensions Aperture Diameter Impedance at 500 MHz Number of Apertures Outer Depth Outer Height
N° de stock RS 756-8685
Référence fabricant74271378
15,93 €
WE-NCF Split Core Computers, Easy To Mount On Already Installed Cables Or Cables With Connecters, Interference Problems On Data Lines, Terminals 4W620 - - Yes 200Ω 59 x 35 x 44.6mm 7.8mm - 1 35mm 44.6mm
N° de stock RS 814-3382
Référence fabricant432703021311
2,50 €
- Cable Shield EMI Suppression 4S2 Material - - - - 25.9 Dia. x 28.6mm 12.8mm - 1 - 28.6mm
N° de stock RS 257-4389
Référence fabricantRT130-070-070-K5B
1,074 €
Each (In a Pack of 5)
RT Toroid Core Multi-Turn Suppression Core Ferrite - - - - 13 Dia. x 7mm 7mm - 1 - 7mm
N° de stock RS 163-3989
Référence fabricant74271358
8,703 €
Each (In a Tray of 16)
WE-NCF Split Core - 4W620 - - Yes 98Ω 60 x 45.5 x 15mm 26.5mm - 1 45.5mm 15mm
N° de stock RS 169-6798
Référence fabricantESD-SR-S16
1,369 €
Each (In a Box of 280)
ESD-SR Snap-on Cores Snap Ferrite Consumer Electronics Ferrite - - Yes - 23 x 20.5 x 20mm 8mm - 1 20.5mm 20mm
N° de stock RS 736-1923
Référence fabricant74272722
11,74 €
STAR-FIX Snap Ferrite EMI Suppression 8W5000 - No Yes - 28 x 31 x 35.1mm 12.5mm - 1 35.1mm 28mm
N° de stock RS 109-4163
Référence fabricantZCAT1518-0730
0,539 €
Each (On a Reel of 896)
ZCAT Ferrite Core Suppression Components 30 Material - - - - 15 Dia. X 18mm 7mm - 1 15mm -
N° de stock RS 163-5428
Référence fabricant74271112S
3,834 €
Each (In a Box of 38)
- Snap Ferrite General Application, Safety Relevant Application 4W620 - No Yes - 40.5 x 23.7 x 18.2mm - - 1 23.7mm 18.2mm
N° de stock RS 169-6797
Référence fabricantESD-SR-S10
0,918 €
Each (In a Box of 800)
ESD-SR Snap-on Cores Snap Ferrite Consumer Electronics Ferrite - - Yes - 15.5 x 18.5 x 14mm 6mm - 1 18.5mm 14mm
N° de stock RS 169-6791
Référence fabricantESD-SR-150
1,659 €
Each (In a Box of 400)
ESD-SR Snap-on Cores Snap Ferrite Consumer Electronics Ferrite - - Yes - 19.6 x 37.4 x 20.3mm 7mm - 1 37.4mm 20.3mm
N° de stock RS 185-7535
Référence fabricant74272211
21,59 €
STAR-TEC Snap Ferrite Especially for Applications in the Low Frequency Range from 300 kHz to 30 Mhz, Perfect for Applications with Varying Cable Diameter, Reusable because of the Key Technology Therefore Perfect for Test and Measuring Purposes and Cables with Difficult Access, Suppression of Electronic Ballasts (i.e. Neon Tube) in the Lighting Industry Manganese-Zinc (Coating) - Yes - - 56 x 47 x 43mm 17 → 21mm - 1 56mm 43mm