Presentation Folders

Whether you're presenting or promotional materials in a presentation folder to make a good impression at a business meeting. Make sure all the documents are enclosed in one of the pockets with the presentation folders. Within the folder each page has its own plastic sleeve that will ensure that every last letter is kept in pristine condition and free of anything harmful such as liquids. Presentation folders com in a variety of sizes from A5 to A3 with multiple pockets for each document.

Key Features
Easy Organisation - When you're in need of a particular document, you'll find a relevant colour folder quick and easy for retrieval. For example a red folder can be used for financial subjects.
User-Friendly - Pocket folders are perfect alternative to keep your loose paperwork neat and organised, within a presentation folder. The folders come in a range of sizes to accommodate various types of documents, as well as a host of colour options.

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Description Prix Number of Panels Included Colour Material Depth Height Width Mounting Type
N° de stock RS 732-0168
Référence fabricant5914-01
39,28 €
5 Black PP - - - Wall
N° de stock RS 557-840
Référence fabricant5567-00
46,42 €
10 Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow Steel - 297mm 210mm Wall
N° de stock RS 732-0165
Référence fabricant5512-00
99,59 €
20 Blue, Green, Red, Yellow PP 116mm 327mm 251mm Wall