Desk Mats

A desk mat is a type of mat you may use on your desk or other workspace to protect the area around it or for convenience with your other desktop appliance such as your mouse and keyboard.

How do they work?
Desk mats work by giving the extra grip and security to an area you typically work at by using slip resistance micro-droplets that hold it securely to your desktop to prevent skidding.

Features and benefits:
  • Anti-slip resistance for peace of mind
  • Anti-glare properties to help improve visibility
  • Heat resistance properties to combat spills or heat damage
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Where might I use one?
  • In your home
  • At work
  • At school

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Description Prix Colour Non-Slip Non-Glare Edge Style Length Width
N° de stock RS 446-4975
Référence fabricant7102-01
13,82 €
Black Yes - Contoured 400mm 530mm
N° de stock RS 446-4981
Référence fabricant7113-19
12,15 €
Transparent - Yes - 650mm 500mm