Induction Loop Amplifiers

Induction loop amplification systems help hearing-aid users and others with hearing impairments to perceive sounds more clearly by reducing or eliminating background noise. The sound amplification happens thanks to a circular wire that passes around the listening area. The loop amplifier receives the signal from an audio system and supplies the current, which produces a magnetic field that corresponds to the sound.

How do induction loop amplifiers work?

Induction loop amplifiers are usually intended for permanent installation and have integrated cooling fans, which guarantee a stable operating temperature. They include advanced audio signal processing to improve vocal and speech intelligibility. The system can be adapted to meet exact room requirements through manual adjustments.

Where are induction loop amplifiers used?

Many people can benefit from a single loop amplifier installed in a room because they manage to get the sound from any position within the induction loop. They are used in shops, churches, conference rooms, theatres, schools, cinemas, and other places where a high quality sound system is required. Induction loop kits, in contrast, are suitable for covering small areas.

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