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    Chain Guides

    Chain guides, also referred to as a chain roller guides or chain guide rails, are a type of protective guide rail for chains commonly found in industrial and mechanical applications. Chain guides are available in a wide range of types to suit different applications.

    RS range of chain guides have great wear resistance and are available in various sizes from 06B to 16B chain types. They are made from polyethylene and are suitable in most conveying  applications to reduce noise levels where you have metal on metal contact.

    Why mount a chain guide?

    Chain guides can be used in a variety of applications to reduce chain wear and corrosion, helping to prolong the efficiency of chains and machinery. Chain guides are also used to help dampen and reduce the noise produced by moving chains and machinery.

    Chain guide types

    There are a various chain guide types available, each suited to different applications and chain pitches. They are commonly manufactured from Polyethylene plastic and various styles including:

    • Black repro
    • Green repro
    • HT
    • Oil filled
    • Static dissipative
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