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    Electromagnetic Clutches

    Electromagnetic clutches provide fast and smooth operation of mechanical devices and often work in conjunction with a brake. They operate electrically and mechanically to transmit torque. This type of clutch is often found in some vehicles, lawnmowers, copy machines, and conveyor drives. Electromagnetic clutches can also be mounted in a variety of ways including shaft, coupling and flange mount.

    How do electromagnetic clutches work?

    Electromagnetic type clutches feature an input and output that is engaged via a single plate friction surface, which allows the clutch to operate successfully. They are the most common type of electromechanical clutches.

    A clutch has a coil in a shell, typically made of steel and copper wire and a rotor, which connects to the moving part of the machine. To energise the coil, the unit's electric circuit should be activated, which will cause the current to run through the coil and generate a magnetic field.

    What are the different types of electromagnetic clutches?

    There are many types of electromagnetic clutches, such as hysteresis, tooth, multiple disc and magnetic particle. The most widely used type is the single face design, which is typically used in secondary drives, and in textile machines and packing.

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