Lighting Ignitors

Lighting ignitors provide a brief, high voltage pulse to ignite the gases inside lamps. They are designed to ensure reliable and smooth starting behaviour of lighting systems. They also improve power lighting and efficiency by regulating the inrush current that occurs when the light turns on, through pulse train.

What are lighting ignitors used for?

High-quality ignitors significantly increase lamp lifespan, because by adjusting the starting current they reduce the lamps warm-up time. They improve lumen maintenance and reduce colour shift. The most popular application of lighting ignitors is in outdoor lighting, especially in large retail areas, parking lots, roads and tunnels, and in horticulture lighting.

Types of lighting ignitors

Lighting ignitors provide a high ignition voltage when ballasts are not enough, ensuring reliable and smooth starting behaviour for high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps. Other applications include use in strobe lamps, arc lamps and gas laser tubes. Some types of ignitor incorporate timers to switch off ignitor circuits when lamps fail.

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