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LED Reflector Lamps

LED reflector lamps are similar to standard bulbs, however, they have far less energy consumption whilst providing the same, if not better, light in some circumstances.

How do they work?

Similarly to any bulb, you simply install it into a compatible light bulb socket and turn on the power. The lights on LED lamps emit diodes, because they reflect light in a particular direction. Two different types include spotlights and flood lights. Spot lights will concentrate light in a form of a narrow cone and floodlights will provide a more diffuse light.

Features and benefits:

● Life spans ranging from 10,000 up to 30,000 hours and beyond

● Very small, compact

● Regular flow of better quality light than standard bulbs

● Consumer friendly installation

● Environmentally friendly (less of them going to landfill)

● Directional flow of light with different beam angles

● EU Energy Efficiency ratings from A up to A++

● Dimmable features in some LED lamps

● Varying Wattages perfect for different scenarios

Where might I use one?

● In a long term setting for your home our outdoors lights

● Floodlights for football pitches

● In your office or business


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