Fan Motor Assemblies

Fan motor assemblies are fan replacement parts suitable for specific fan makes and models. They usually comprise of fan blades, a fan motor, a centre hub and a housing. Fan motor assemblies enable a quick and easy repair.

How do fan motor assemblies work?

The blades spin and move air through the fan and are usually angled to carry air from one point to another.

The hub keeps everything together. It is located in the centre of the fan blades and connects the blades to the motor.

The fan motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Its what makes the fan function.

Fan motor assemblies typically have different configurations. Automotive and computer fans, for example, may have motors separate from the machinery. Some models rely on the computer or cars own power supply to turn the fan.

What are fan motor assemblies used for?

Fan motor assembles are used as replacement parts for different types of fans including:

  • Computer fans
  • Desk fans
  • Window fans
  • Ceiling fans
  • Automotive fans

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