Silica Gel & Desiccators

Silica gels and desiccators are designed to absorb moisture from the air and protect against dampness, corrosion, contamination and create a dry environment. They're commonly used in packaging and electronic applications such as PCBs (printed circuit boards) and cameras where moisture damage could be detrimental to the product.

How do Silica Gel & Desiccators work?

Desiccators induce dryness and reduce the amount of moisture present in the air. They can incorporate a self-indicting humidity indicator to show, by changing colour, the degree of moisture in the desiccant pack.The most common type of desiccant is silica gel which may be inserted into a porous packet or plug. With humidity indicator plugs, you can visually inspect the humidity inside a sealed container without opening it and determine the lifespan of the silica within.Desiccator plugs are primarily designed for sealed instruments where space is limited, mechanical boxes and small containers. Both plugs and sachets indicate, as well as control, humidity levels in a container.

What are Silica Gel & Desiccators used for?

Silica gel sachets are found in all sorts of products because they are designed to absorb and hold water vapour. They ensure products are kept moisture-free and in premium condition. If moisture were to penetrate a material or product it could result in the product becoming spoiled or useless. Some of the most common areas silica packets are:Food - the lack of moisture can limit the growth of mould and reduce spoilage.Pharmaceuticals - medication, pills and vitamins are often kept in a bathroom cabinet. Bathrooms are naturally humid environments, so every time a bottle is opened moisture can begin to dissolve your tablets.Electronics - prevents condensation which could cause damage to electronic components.Tools and equipment - adding silica gel sachets to a toolbox will absorb excess moisture build-up and help to keep tools rust-free.

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