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    Torque Wrenches

    Torque wrenches are used to tighten fastenings with a high degree of precision by allowing the user to apply a pre-set torque which eliminates under or over tightening

    Types of Torque Wrench

    Breaking Torque Wrench (or break-over torque wrench): features a pivot point or hinge which ˈbreaks overˈ when the pre-set torque is reached. This allows the handle to move or rotate indicating that the required torque has been applied.

    Slipping Torque Wrench: Slipping Torque Wrenches disengage or slip once the pre-set torque is reached, preventing further torque application.

    Click Torque Wrench: Click Torque Wrenches use a mechanical mechanism that produces an audible or tactile click when the pre-set torque is reached

    Dial Torque Wrench: Dial Torque Wrenches utilize a dial or gauge with a calibrated scale and rotating needle to display the applied torque and indicate the torque value applied.

    Digital Torque Wrench: Digital Torque Wrenches often feature a digital display to provide accurate torque readings. Torque settings can be adjusted and additional features like audible or visual alerts may display when the required torque has been applied

    Smart Torque Wrench: Smart Torque Wrenches incorporate wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to mobile devices or a computer network via an app or software

    Torque wrenches are available in popular drive sizes such as ½ in, ¼ in & 3/8 in from leading brands such as Wera and Norbar. Torque Wrench Sets are also available and, for additional precision calibrated torque Calibrated Torque Wrenches wrenches can be purchased.

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