Screwdriver Bit Sets

It's important to have the right tool for the job, screwdriver bit sets offer a variety of bits for various screw types. Having a set of screwdriver bits offers an all purpose approach by having all the necessary bits in place if you need to change screw type. The Screwdriver bit sets usually include Hexagon, Phillips, Pozidriv, Slotted, Torx and a few others.

These screwdriver bits can work with manually with screwdrivers or be attached to a bit holder for use with a drill. Usually made from tough steel to be durable and reliable:

  • Impact bits are designed for use with impact drivers

  • Bi Torsion bits are tempered to reduce the hardness of the shaft for greater durability

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N° de stock RS 833-0794
Référence fabricantSTHT0-62634
78,86 €
- - - 37 - -
N° de stock RS 353-4506
Référence fabricant0-68-010
20,40 €
- - - 10 - 250 mm
N° de stock RS 264-2432
Référence fabricant4900BD
83,76 €
1 Set
Hexagon Driver Bit Hex 1/4, Hex 1/8, Hex 3/16, Hex 3/8, Hex 5/16, Hex 5/32, Hex 7/32 7 - -