Consumer Unit Accessories

Consumer unit accessories are component parts that are used in conjunction with consumer units, which are a kind of distribution board. Distribution boards are a part of an electrical power system that supplies electricity to subsidiary circuits, and they are most commonly found in domestic settings.

Consumer unit accessories can include anything from busbars, to locks, to earth terminals; essentially, they can be any device or piece used in the regular function of consumer units.

What are consumer units used for?

Consumer units generally provide the electrical power supply to homes. They split an electrical power feed into several subsidiary circuits, and include a separate circuit breaker or fuse for each. This is to prevent shorts or faults affecting the entire power system.

Types of consumer unit accessories

A range of accessories can be used with consumer units, including:

  • Busbars and related products
  • Mounting accessories
  • Replacement parts, such as fuses and indicator lamps
  • Cable accessories
  • Locks and related products

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Earth Terminal - EZ9
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Door Resi9 R9H
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Door Resi9 R9H