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    Wipe Dispensers

    Wipe dispensers, also known as a wet wipe dispenser, can help with stopping the spread of a virus, and infections such as Covid-19 as they dispense, with little or no contact, either individual wipes, wet wipes, hand wipes or sections of a paper wipe roll (couch rolls, couch covers) to dry wet hands, clean up spillages, ensuring hygiene standards in all environments. Wipe dispensers are cost effective as they are refillable plus can be wall mounted, mobile (bucket type) or positioned (free-standing) in handy locations, working environments and washrooms for quick and easy wipe dispensing.

    Our range of wipe dispensers include major brands all experts in high-quality wipes and cloths, dispensers, washroom supplies, washroom equipment and hand protection consumables.

    How do Wipe Dispensers Work?

    Wipe dispensers can be wall mounted or free-standing (for example Kimberly Clark WETTASK bucket dispenser) and work by dispensing either individual wipes or paper sheets, automatically by a motion sensor, or manually by hand. Dispensing wipes by using a dispenser improves hygiene and reduces contact and waste of wipes stored within a dispenser.

    Benefits of a Wipe Dispenser.

    • Hygienic (offers good hand protection).
    • Convenient (wall-mounted, saves space).
    • Free-standing, floor-standing and portable towel dispensers are available.
    • Cost-effective.
    • Quick and easy to use (automatic and manual dispensers).
    • Reduces paper and wipe waste.
    • Available to use with a roll of perforated paper or with individual wipes
    • Lockable.
    • Easy to maintain and refill.
    • Refill packs available and in stock.
    • Various sizes and types available.

    Wipe dispensers are available in a range of styles to suit any environment including washrooms and material from ABS, polycarbonate, plastic and stainless steel, brushed stainless steel. Our ranges of dispenser also include wipes, paper towel hand wipes and sanitiser dispensers all important for hygiene.

    Where would you use a Wipe Dispenser?

    • A wipe dispenser can be placed anywhere required.
    • Offices, workplaces, reception areas and entrances.
    • Public shopping areas, bars and restaurants.
    • Schools.
    • Toilets and washrooms.
    • Hospitals, surgeries and examination areas.
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