Hand Sanitisers

Hand Sanitiser is a vital part of our every day PPE hand hygiene, especially with Covid-19 (coronavirus). We must frequently wash our hands with soap and water plus, use hand sanitiser or hand sanitiser wipes to add another layer of anti-bacterial, germ and infection control protection. Our range of hand sanitisers are available in all sizes from handy pocket-sized sanitiser of 1.5 ml to larger size sanitiser dispensers. Most hand sanitiser contains alcohol to not only sanitise your hands from germs and bacteria but also contain moisturiser.

Hand sanitiser is available in various sanitiser types of foam, gel and liquid solution, all with anti-bacterial properties protecting your skin. Pocket-sized hand sanitiser Gel is excellent to carry around and available to use when hand-washing facilities are not available. The sanitiser does not replace the need to wash your hands as often as possible for good skin protection.

What does hand sanitiser do?

  • Cleans hands (not a hand wash, does not replace soap and water).
  • It is antibacterial, good skin protection.
  • Germ, virus and bacteria protection (good infection control).
  • Alcohol-based.
  • Quick-drying (Gel, Foam and Liquid).
  • Built-in moisturising.
  • Hand sanitiser can be used anywhere.

Sanitiser types available?

  • Sanitiser Gel.
  • Sanitiser Foam.
  • Sanitiser liquid.
  • With or without a fragrance.

How to store hand sanitiser?

  • Always keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Store hand sanitiser in a cool environment.
  • Hand sanitiser should be a minimum 60% alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Dispenser types available?

  • Sanitiser tube.
  • Bottle.
  • Sachet.
  • Cartridge.
  • Cassettes.
  • Refill’s available.

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