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    Hand Dryers

    Hand dryers are important in maintaining hand hygiene within any commercial, hospitality or industrial washroom environment. Hand hygiene is more important due to the vital role it plays in stopping the spread of infections, with warm air hand dryers being a part of the solution when combined with hand soaps and sanitisers. Our hand dryer range covers automatic and manual hand dryers in various sizes to suit any washroom and features products from industry-leading brands, such as Mitsubishi, UNELVENT, Vent-Axia and RS PRO.

    Why use hand dryers?

    Hand dryers blow hot air at a high speed onto wet hands to dry them, replacing the use of a hand towel or paper towel. This has environmental and cost advantages, as hand dryers have shown to reduce paper waste and offer a lower-cost investment over time than paper towels. We recommend a hand sanitiser should always be used in any washroom environment in combination with other hygiene products.

    Automatic or Manual Hand Drying?

    Automatic hand dryers are equipped with sensors and begin drying automatically as hands are presented. Sensors reduce the potential spread of bacteria through human contact by removing the starter button found on manual hand dryers, as well as improving efficiency by turning off as soon as hands are removed from the area.

    Manual hand dryers begin hand drying only when a button is pushed, ensuring it is only used when needed. As this involves uses making physical contact with the hand dryer, we recommend hand sanitiser should be used after hands are dry.

    How do hand dryers work?

    Hand dryers, also known as electric hand dryers, are normally wall-mounted and are connected to a mains power supply to ensure the dryer is ready to use. A dryer has an internal heating element which, when a dryer is activated, heats a jet of air as it blows out of the dryer at high speed, drying hands.

    Modern hand dryers are made to comply with today's hygiene standards and are fitted with HEPA filters and may include automatic UV hygienic sterilisation. A HEPA filter is 99% efficient, filtering particle sizes of 0.3 microns for air supplied to dry hands, ensuring hand hygiene.

    Our range of hand dryers are excellent to dry hands, are made from ABS, aluminium, plastic, steel, and stainless steel with stylish finishes from satin, polished and brushed chrome and enamel, available in sizes to suit your washroom.

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