Floor Scrubber Accessories

Floor scrubber accessories are tools and fixtures used together with floor scrubbers to enhance the floor cleaning process.

Types of floor scrubber accessories

There are different types of accessories for varying functions. Some of the common types of floor scrubber accessories include:

  • Roller brushes
  • Floor scrubber pads
  • Replacement suction bars
  • Floor cleaners
  • Polishing pads

How do floor scrubber accessories work?

Floor scrubber accessories perform various tasks such as intense cleaning and polishing, and some are custom designed for particular floor scrubber models.

A roller brush, for example, will wet, scrub and dry floors enabling you to clean heavily soiled floors. Soft polishing pads can then be used to polish and buff the floor. Some roller brushes have adjustable contact pressure to provide control over cleaning power as you work through the task.

Suction bars use pressure generated from the vacuum to remove water and debris away from the surface.

Floor scrubber pads can be used to clean hard floors and carpets. They are usually centre mounted to a motor to ensure a uniform contact pressure.

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