Multi-purpose Cleaners

A Multi-purpose cleaner is a type of chemical cleaner designed for use with multiple surfaces.

How do they work?

Using chemicals that are commonly used for different appliances, having them combined means they are compatible for use on multiple surfaces and devices. Always read the manual or instructions to see if your device or surface is compatible however.

Features and benefits:
•Multiple surface areas can use the applied multi cleaners

•Can be used on a variety of electronics

•Anti-static features may be built in

•Reduces attraction of dust and other particles that settle

•Can help remove tough stains like dirty, grease or grime

•A lot are water based and not as toxic

Where might I use one?
•In your home for your tablet surfaces, TVs, laptops or tablets

•At work, around your desk area, your PC monitor, telephone screens

•Cleaning businesses


•Food industry (Check COSHH Sheets)

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300 ml Fast Drying Aerosol Metal, Paint, Plastic Yes -
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300 ml Cleaner Aerosol - - Heavy Duty Cleaner Spray
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