Mop Heads

Mop heads attach to amop stick and are used to clean flooring within domestic, commercial and industrial environments. They are used with a cleaner to remove stubborn dirt. They are made from different materials and shaped depending on what surface they are required to clean.Some Mops have a yarn ply which indicates the number of fibres that have been twisted together to make a single strand. The more plies there are the more strength there is in the strand, although extra strands increase durability it decreases absorbency.Antimicrobial properties exist in some mops protecting the head from degradation and preventing bacterial growth.Types of Mops
  • Microfibre mop heads offer a better cleaning experience due to their polyester and polyamide combination. They remove water and fatty/oily particles, are non-abrasive and are hypoallergenic. Microfibre mops are suitable for general purpose cleaning and sanitary applications.
  • Looped end mops can cover a wide surface area allowing for floors to be cleaned quicker and are the most common type of mop head. The looped ends prevent unravelling making them more durable than most other mop heads.
  • Cut end mops are basic but are more absorbent than looped end mops, however they cover a smaller surface area.
  • Flat mops usually have a disposable or reusable pad and are ideal for cleaning daily. Due to their shape, they can be used for cleaning in corners.
  • Sponge mops most often have a wringer attached to make it easier to get rid of excess water. They are great for cleaning tiles and uneven surfaces.
Uses for mop headsMops can be used in an array of areas, such as:
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Factory floors
  • Pubs
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
Depending on the type of mop, they are suitable for use on most flooring including wooden floors, vinyl covered or tiled.

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