A broom is an essential tool in many environments for keeping it clean and tidy. A broom is also known as a brush, its made up of a long handle and a head consisting of bristles. There are many varieties of materials used in the head of the broom, which can be made of plastic, hair, coco fibres just to name a few. The long handle is cylindrical, which can be made of plastic, wood and metal. Types of BroomsAngled BristlesThis is particularly modern broom as its become popular because of the angle of the bristles. These brooms have their bristles cut at an angle, which makes it easier for cleaning into corners etc. The bristles on these brooms tend to be made of plastic and made to last.Soft BristlesSoft brooms are made up of different materials that are firm enough to stand up to regular sweeping. This broom is mostly used indoors with smooth and dry surfaces.Hard BristlesIf you need a broom that has stiffer bristles, then a hard broom may be the perfect choice. The bristles are great for getting into areas and cleaning out dirt that soft bristles struggle with. They're also perfect to use when the area is too dirty to use a vacuum cleaner but you need to clear the dirt. Typical ApplicationsPatiosPathwaysWooden decksGardens

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