UV Exposure Units

UV exposure lights or units are devices that give out UV light at concentrate levels.

How do they work?

Encased UV bulbs lay underneath clear glass or plastic and emit rays of UV light which is typically a purple light. This UV light then makes contact upon a desired surface, usually used for drying or treating.

Features and benefits:
•Timers included in some models with digital display

•Multiple UV bulbs for further exposure and illumination

•The casings come in aluminium for that extra added strength

•The lid encasing has high quality foam to protect whatever you UV treat under it

•Treat large works in one go

Where might I use one?
•To treat artwork like paintings or designs

•Screen printing

•Industrial sector products that require UV treatment to them

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Description Prix Type Exposure Area Tube Configuration Dimensions Supply Voltage Depth Height Width Maximum Timer Setting Timer Type
N° de stock RS 193-2022
Référence fabricantUV-AX3623
2.177,08 €
Single Sided 360 x 230mm 6 x 18 W 480 x 425 x 110mm 230V ac 110mm 425mm 480mm 1 → 100 min, 1 → 600 s Electronic
N° de stock RS 193-2023
Référence fabricantUV-AS2436
513,34 €
Single Sided 240 x 365mm 4 x 15 W 473 x 310 x 93mm 230V 93mm 310mm 473mm 1 → 100 min, 1 → 600 s Electronic
N° de stock RS 193-2020
Référence fabricantUV-AS1625
474,60 €
Single Sided 160 x 250mm 4 x 8 W 317 x 225 x 90mm 230V 90mm 225mm 317mm 1 → 100 min, 1 → 600 s Electronic
N° de stock RS 193-2019
Référence fabricantUV-AZ5239
2.248,70 €
Double Sided 520 x 390mm 12 x 20 W 625 x 605 x 140mm 230V 140mm 605mm 625mm 1 → 100 min, 1 → 600 s Electronic