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    Tubing and Profile Struts

    Commonly referred to as strut profiles and structural systems, tubing and profile struts offer a modular solution for workplace applications allowing users to create modular, structured solutions in warehouse, manufacture and production factories. Users can design complete frames for assembly lines, flow racks, material handling enclosures and much more.

    What to use when assembling tubes and struts?

    Tubing and profile struts are quick and easy to assemble and install using various structural elements including rods, beams, tubes, strut profiles and roller guide rails.

    The strut profiles include multiple profile sizes, lengths, groove sizes and a number of grooves to meet the specification required and are suitable for cut to length applications. The aluminium profiles are suitable for lightweight constructions that are strong, flexible, cost-effective and versatile.

    Stainless steel tubing, one of the most commonly used tubes, is typically used in manufacturing and material applications. The tubes are high strength, load-bearing and suitable for applications at low and moderate pressures. Common applications for tubes are pedestrian handrails, directional rails, guard rails and pillar protection. Each tube is ready to be cut to create a frame, painted or powder-coated.

    What are the types of connecting components?

    Structural system profile accessories and fittings include cube connectors, t-slot nuts, ball catches, turn locks, self-tapping screws, earthing terminals, cover caps, and many other items. Connecting components are usually made from steel, iron and aluminium for superior strength and a heavier torque. They are easy to use and can be taken apart if you need to disassemble your project later on. They include:

    • T-nuts and T-bolts are used to fasten components to profiles
    • Joint and angle brackets and corner cubes can be used to make a strong connection
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