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    Brass Shims

    A brass shim is a thin piece of brass material that can be used as a wedge to fill small spaces or gaps between two objects or surfaces that normally join. Shims can also be used to make a surface flush or level. Brass shim is often used where a level of stiffness is still required, making it highly versatile. Due to the properties of the material, it is also useful in applications where corrosion problems can occur. Brass shim is cold rolled to a half hard temper and can easily be stamped, bored, cut, milled, sheared and drilled to suit most applications.

    Where are Brass shims used?

    Brass shim is versatile and is primarily used in industries like construction, automotive, heavy machinery, milling and plumbing. It can also be used in hobby applications for model trains and aeroplanes. It is widely used in areas such as:

    • Bearing clearance
    • Washers
    • Tools and dies
    • Machine repair
    • Machine maintenance
    • Custom made components and parts

    Types of brass shim

    Brass shim stock is supplied on various size rolls with precisely measured lengths and widths. The thickness is also made to specific manufacturer tolerances, ensuring high precision and accuracy.

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