Cylinder Trucks

Cylinder trucks are ergonomically designed for the safe manual handling of individual cylinders in a range of different diameters. They're fitted with a galvanised chain to hold cylinders securely in thetrolley while in motion, preventing them from tipping up and falling over.

What are cylinder trucks made from?

Cylinder trucks are made from strong tubular steel, with a pierced base plate that helps disperse condensation. All cylinder trucks are fitted with sturdy rubber wheels for easy and quiet running of cylinders on both uneven or smooth surfaces. Wheels are positioned centrally or to the side of the trolley to keep the cylinder balanced.

Choosing cylinder trucks

Cylinder trucks are designed to carry cylinders of varying dimensions. The load capacity of the truck, as well as the height, width and depth of your cylinder should be taken into account when making your choice. A variety of wheel diameters is available, with slimmer versions suited to tight working environments. Cylinder trucks are available in a range of colours to suit different industrial or manufacturing situations.

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Description Prix Load Capacity Maximum Cylinder Diameter Wheel Diameter Height Width Depth Number of Cylinders Truck Material Wheel Material
N° de stock RS 134-207
MarqueRS PRO
87,56 €
- - 100mm - - - 1 Steel Rubber
N° de stock RS 134-257
MarqueRS PRO
148,06 €
150kg 280mm 200mm 1050mm 483mm 520mm 1 Steel Rubber
N° de stock RS 134-213
MarqueRS PRO
152,93 €
150kg 380mm 200mm 1050mm 583mm 520mm 1 Steel Rubber