Internal Door Latches

Internal door latches are used to hold doors and access panels in place. They hold a door closed, but can also be used to secure a cabinet, stop a cover flying open, compress a gasket or provide a place for a padlock. A range of types are available in different finishes. Roller Bolts provide a cheap and simple solution for keeping full-size internal doors closed. When the door is closed, the roller bolt hits the strike plate on the frame and compresses and sits in the indented part of the keep. It holds itself under the tension of its spring, keeping the door closed. Rack bolts, also known as mortise security bolts, are fitted in a cylindrical mortise that has been drilled into the door. The bolt is operated using a key from inside the door, only the keyhole is visible, not the bolt. Lever bolts are mortised into the door to create a flush surface either on the front of the door or in between two doors. They are often used on French doors and double doors in commercial and domestic applications. A pawl latch is a quarter turn latch that uses a rotating cam (pawl) to engage and disengage a keeper or a door frame, while applying compression between the door and its frame. Typical uses for these latches are for electronic enclosures, HVAC enclosures, buses, trucks/trailers, RVs, boats and other applications where the latch is mounted on a thin sheet of metal.

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Lever Bolt Stainless Steel Electro Polished