LED Lenses

The primary optic for an LED only gives directional light 180 degrees. Because it is too broad of a light for most applications, the LED light begins to lack intensity over distance. To alter the radius and get a more focused intensity, it is necessary to add a secondary lens and/or reflectors.LED lenses are designed for use with single or multiple LEDs. The lens sit over the LED to create the desired lighting effect.They can offer a nice aesthetic appearance by masking the LED components within.Shapes of LED Lenses Dome Hexagon Rectangular Round SquareClear or diffused Lens?Clear lenses provide a crisp-edged beam of light. Diffused lens has a softer edge. Diffusion can also offer a more uniform light output when multiple LEDs are used.

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Description Prix Series Lens Shape Number of LEDs Per Lens Emission Pattern Lens Colour Lens Material Viewing Angle Affixing Method For Use With Dimensions Clear or Diffused Diameter Height Kit Contents
N° de stock RS 168-6738
Référence fabricantCA11136_LO2-W
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Each (In a Box of 180)
Leila Round 1 Wide Angle - - 44 ° Adhesive Tape OSRAM Golden DRAGON Plus 21.6 (Dia.) x 13.9mm Clear 21.6mm 13.9mm Holder, Lens
N° de stock RS 168-6933
Référence fabricantCA11268_HEIDI-W
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Each (In a Tray of 204)
Heidi Round 1 Wide Angle - - 30 → 34 ° Pin, Tape Cree XB-D, Cree XP-E, Cree XP-G, Lumileds LUXEON Rebel, Lumileds LUXEON T, Nichia NCSxx19A, Nichia NCSxx19B, Nichia NVSxx19A, Nichia NVSxx19B, OSRAM OSLON Square EC, OSRAM OSLON SSL 150, OSRAM OSLON SSL 80, Seoul Z5, Sharp Double Dome 21.6 (Dia.) x 11.7mm Clear 21.6mm 11.7mm Lens, Mount
N° de stock RS 890-4711
Référence fabricant031-0113-300
20,07 €
031 - 1 - - - - - S-6 Candelabra Screw Base Incandescent Lamp 28.58 (Dia.) x 19.81 (H)mm - 28.58mm 19.81mm -