Industrial Monitors

Industrial monitors are devices that display information as images, in an industrial setting. They usually consist of a power supply, a screen, circuitry and casing. 

Compared with regular computer monitors, industrial monitors need to be more rugged so they can withstand the demands of a potentially hazardous setting, such as a workshop floor. Therefore the casing may need to be shock and moisture resistant, and the circuitry might need greater levels of protection than usual.

What are industrial monitors used for?

Industrial monitors are often used to simply display basic information, such as the performance of a circuit. They are frequently set up so that it is easy for workers to access such information while standing at a machine.

Types of industrial monitors

The main differences between industrial monitors are the types of display:

  • LCD colour displays produce high quality images while being light and durable.
  • OLED displays are useful for producing high quality contrast in their images.
  • Vacuum fluorescent displays are good for producing crisp images, and emit little heat.
  • Touch screens are used when the worker might need to input information into the device.

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19in - 1280 x 1024pixels SXGA 16.7 Million 1000:1 10ms - 430 x 430 x 187mm Desktop 250cd/m² 187mm 430mm 430mm
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19in 376 x 301mm 1280 x 1024pixels - 16.7 Million 1000:1 10ms - 430 x 430 x 73.4mm - 250cd/m² 73.4mm 430mm 430mm
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9in - 800 x 600pixels SVGA 262 K 250:1 - VGA 202.7 x 217 x 174mm Panel Mount 250cd/m² 217mm 174mm 202.7mm
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14in 246 x 184.5mm - SVGA - - - VGA 300.8 x 345.8 x 271.9mm Panel Mount 400cd/m² 345.8mm 271.9mm 300.8mm
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12.1in - 800 x 600pixels SVGA 262 K 500:1 - VGA 329.3 x 260.7 x 55mm Panel Mount 400cd/m² 260.7mm 55mm 329.3mm
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15in 304 x 228mm - SVGA - - - VGA 300.8 x 345.8 x 271.9mm Panel Mount 250cd/m² 345.8mm 271.9mm 300.8mm
N° de stock RS 536-580
Référence fabricant39LW12A71UN
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12.1in - - SVGA - - - VGA 288.6 x 298 x 237.8mm Panel Mount 400cd/m² 298mm 237.8mm 288.6mm